Precision gear cutting

Gear Cutting

As highly experienced gear cutters Edgerton are able to provide an outstanding service, manufacturing all types of gears, from large-scale high volume production to single one-offs.

Working in all the latest materials our clients can expect only the highest quality production with rapid turnaround and delivery.

Edgerton can manufacture bespoke precision gears from drawings, CAD files or from a sample to meet the client’s specifications and individual requirements.

A repair service to worn or damaged gear units is another of the many services offered at Edgerton.

Competitive without any compromise on quality

Edgerton precision gear cutting services include:

  • Spur gears
  • Internals
  • Helical (single only)
  • Bevel gears (straight)
  • Worms and worm wheels
  • Splines
  • Sprockets
  • Rack cutting (straight & helical)
  • Repairs

Precision gear cutting capacities

gears-spurPitch Max. – 1.5DP
Outside Dla. Max. – 56″ (1.42m)
Face Width Max. – 13″
gears-bevelPitch Max. – 3DP (8MOD)
Outside Dla. Max. – 24″ @ 6:1 ratio
gears-wormsPitch Max. – 6DP (4MOD)
Length Max. – 28″ (0.7m)
gears-wormwheelsPitch Max. – 6.35DP (4MOD)
Length Max. – 12″ (0.3m)

gears-helicalOutside Dla. Max. – 56″ (1.42m)
Face Width Max. – 12″ subject to angle

gears-racksPitch Max. 2.5DP
Face Width Max. 8″ (0.2m)
Over Length Max. 68″ (1.72m)
gears-sprocketsPitch Max.  2″